Design Philosophy

 Early in my Interior Design education, a class assignment was to define my professional identity. Initially I was like oh my… I am only nineteen how am I supposed to understand my professional identity now? Thankfully we went through some exercises to greater understand my personal style and my design style, and thus somewhat understand my professional identity.  First I had to write down words that define who I am. I came up with words such as girly, happy, southern, messy, driven, and unique. Then I had to write words that define what design means to me, words such as functional, elegant, colorful, dynamic, whimsical, and alive.  Personally, I have always had trouble meshing my design style with my personal style together since they are polar opposites, and when we were told to make a collage the represents the two, I had to learn exactly how to do that, and this is what I came up with…  

After I designed the collage, I had to write my personal design statement, and here it is…
What does design mean to me?  My Personal Design Philosophy revolves around my client.  I believe that my client is my inspiration; I aspire to create a space to describe every person on every level.  My personal exploration has taught me that every person has many different layers to their personality, to who they are, to what makes them unique.  In my design, I will strive to merge all these layers together to create a space that describes my client’s individuality on every level.  I also want to inspire them through design; to design spaces that awaken their creative abilities.  I want to show people that space is more than a place to sit, sleep, or work.  A space is where you live and it should have a life of its own; its own unique personality. 
Do Commercial Clients have different layers as my personal clients do?  Just as each person is my inspiration, so each Business is my inspiration.  Just as each person has many different layers to their personality, each Business has many facets to how they function and what they do.  My design will bring the many functions and services of the Business Client into the design which should enhance their quality and productivity.
That was then, now. . . I am in Studio V and am designing my Capstone Project.  Look at my inspirational images from then to now and understand why my project of Carousel Equestrian Center is from my heart.  From rescuing race horses to helping high risk teens, the design of my project will serve to inspire both kids and horses to love and be loved.

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