Carousel Equestrian Center

At the end of my journey at SCAD I have a final project called a Capstone, somewhat like a thesis project. This project lasts 20 weeks or two quarters.  The first 10 weeks are spent doing research on my subject as well as my building and site, the final 10 are spend actually designing the building and doing presentation renderings.  At the end of this 20 week project, my journey at SCAD will come to its conclusion.  My Capstone project is called the Carousel Equestrian Center.  It is an equestrian center located in Atlanta that has a rescue program for retired racehorses, as well as a therapy program for underprivileged and at-risk youth.  My facility has a total of three buildings, a main barn that houses the therapy program as well as a rehab area for the horses, an annex barn that is a quarantine and training barn for the newly acquired racehorses and also holds a classroom for the kids.  There is also a special events center that will hold fundraising galas for the facility and can be rented for wedding receptions and such to help raise money for the equestrian center.  This project is very important to me since I have owned an ex-racehorse before and know how amazing and valuable they are to children and adults even after their racing days are over.  I also see how important therapy programs are in giving kids who have been through so much, the chance to learn from these amazing animals as well as giving them the special bond between human and horse.  The bond that lets you put your life in the hands of a 1500 pound animal with a mind of its own; that has the ability to kill you but chooses not to.  This is what trust is about, and it is something that many of these kids have not been able to have with anyone in their life, but they can find in a horse. 

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