Assignment 8

In Assignment 8 we investigated several design concepts for our project and facility before we concluded on a design that would best suit the needs of our project.


Assignment 6

In assignment 6, we addressed and developed the relationships of the components of our project based on the necessary spaces.  We developed prototypicals to analyze our building verses our needs.

Assignment 5

 In assignment 5, we looked at the architectural constraints of the actual building and how it did or did not meet the needs of our project.

Assignment 4

In Assignment 4, the State and the City demographics were addressed as well as the geographic layout on the specific site for our Project.


Assignment 3

Assignment 3 was a Precedent Analysis.  In order to develop the most appropriate facility for our project, we did a study of similar type facilities.  I have compared several facilities for each of my project areas.

The WINNERS - -the best of each and the characteristics that made them stand out.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is the introduction of our Capstone Project; introducing our project idea, client, concept and facility.